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What will happen to a motorist for reporting a drunk driver colleague


Drivers quite often and completely voluntarily notify law enforcement officers about drunken neighbors downstream they have noticed on the road. The AutoView portal reveals scenarios of events that may follow such an act.

An experienced (and not only!) motorist will immediately highlight a car in the stream, whose driver is clearly in an inadequate state. Sometimes the strange maneuvers of such a machine are caused by poor health of the helmsman. But much more often it’s all about alcohol or illegal substances that the driver took before the trip. Nobody wants to become a participant in an accident due to the fault of such an inadequate person, and it’s a pity for the rest of his potential victims.

Therefore, every normal motorist in such a situation will try to contact the police so that they take action. If suddenly a traffic police patrol car happened on the side of the road, you can stop and tell the inspectors about your suspicions about a drunk driver colleague. But it’s better, without losing sight of the “drunk car”, to dial the number 112 on your smartphone and inform the operator about what is happening on the road in front of your eyes. Most likely, he will notify the traffic police patrols closest to you, who will search for and stop a suspiciously behaving vehicle. Next is their business.

But then what will happen to the caring driver himself, who reported “where to go” about a drunken colleague? Further events may develop in different ways. The easiest option is no “later” at all: we drove through and okay.


More interesting consequences may come for the scammer driver in the Nizhny Novgorod region. From May 1, 2023, local authorities decided to pay out half a bonus of 2,000 rubles to citizens who report drunk drivers. Not right away. And only after the drunken person is stopped, intoxication is recorded and punished by a court decision. A similar financial incentive is already being used by the state traffic inspectorate of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. There, after the capture of a drunk driver, the “gunner” is immediately paid 4,000 rubles. In other regions of the country, this practice is not applied.

The third option is the least pleasant for the drunk driving reporter. It is possible in cases where the intoxication of the driver of a suspicious car is not confirmed, or when he refuses to undergo a medical examination. In such scenarios, it turns out that the citizen who informed the police about the drunk driving gave false testimony in an administrative case. And a slandered (from a formal point of view) citizen can insist on punishing the offender under Article 17.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses – “knowingly false testimony of a witness.” It refers to punishment in the form of a fine of 1000-1500 rubles. True, the victim under this article will have to somehow prove that the caring driver knew in advance about the sobriety of the victim of his signal to the “authorities”.



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