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What you need to check when changing the oil in a car service

Many servicemen pour a little lubricant into it before installing the oil filter. The explanation is simple. Like, if the consumable is dry, then for the first time after starting, the engine will experience oil starvation. That is, it breaks faster. It’s a delusion.

The fact is that in Soviet times, lubricants were more viscous. That’s why they moved slower. And now even “mineral water” is more technologically advanced. Therefore, do not allow such an old-fashioned method to be used. First, ask to look at the filter housing. It describes in detail the procedure for replacing it. At the first stage, only the rubber sealing ring is wetted. If this is not done, then leaks form at the joints.

But filling the “glass” to the top, you can make yourself a problem. Recall that in the vast majority of cars, the filter is installed at an angle or even horizontally. This means that the contents will definitely spill and stain not only clothes, but also get, say, on the drive belt or on the timing rollers (depending on the design of the motor). This will cause the “drive” to simply jump off the guides. If at the same time he also touches the timing, then serious trouble cannot be avoided. After all, a break in the drive is fraught with a meeting of valves and pistons. Hello Capital.

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