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Which cars on the roadway are better to bypass and why

The unspoken rule of “three Ds”, which means “Give the fool the way”, is better to adhere to when meeting with another homegrown “Schumacher”. Those who like to play checkers on the roadway regularly create emergency situations, so it is easier to miss them than to suffer. You should also stay away from “characters” who do not know about the existence of turn signal repeaters. Their unsystematic prowl is still a lottery. And not only for the scorchers themselves, but also for the neighbors downstream.

As for individual models, users of well-known Internet forums and publics in social networks constantly scold the owners of old Mercedes-Benz, fans of Mazda6 and Skoda Octavia, drivers of Toyota Camry and Land Cruiser, as well as pilots of domestic Gazelles and LADA. According to users, it is on these cars that autohams most often drive. They prefer traffic violations to elementary ethics on the roadway.

Another thing is taxi drivers and car sharing drivers. These characters regularly cause accidents due to lack of experience, ignorance of the route and Rules. It is better not to let them close to you.

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