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Which Chinese Cars Have Better Residual Value

The National Industrial Information Agency (NAPI) has compiled a report on the loss of value of Chinese cars under 10 years old in the first quarter of this year. The Geely Tugella off-roader turned out to be the best in terms of residual value preservation, which fell in price to 82.37 percent of the original price in three years.

Geely Tugella is not the only “Chinese” that, after three years of operation, has fallen in price by less than 20 percent. The second in terms of liquidity among the cars of brands from China available to Russians was Exeed TXL, whose indicator is 81.9 percent of the original cost. Closes the top three is another representative of the most popular Chinese brands – Haval F7, the price of which after three years of ownership has decreased to 74.66 percent.

The listed models are followed by Chery Tiggo 4, which is sold three years later for 73.7 percent of the original price. It was followed by Geely Coolray (70.8 percent) and Haval F7x (65.76 percent).

As for a shorter-term operation, a year after the purchase, Exeed TXL is in the lead in terms of liquidity, which has almost not lost in value: they ask for 96.08 percent of the original one. They are followed by Geely Tugella (94.44 percent), Geely Coolray (90.79 percent), Haval F7x (90.61 percent), Haval F7 (90 percent) and Chery Tiggo 4 (85.94 percent).

The Avtostat agency has recently compiled its list of the best cars in Russia at a residual price. It covers several segments: Suzuki Jimny became the best in the segment of crossovers and SUVs of the B-class, Toyota Fortuner is the leader in the D-class, and domestic Lada Largus is the leader among passenger station wagons with increased capacity.

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