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Why a resource of 300,000 km for new Russian engines is far from the limit

The maximum power of the new “gas” engine is approximately 150 hp. With. with a torque of 330 newton meters. By the way, the torque reaches high values ​​even at the bottom: for example, at 1000 rpm it is 305 Nm. According to preliminary estimates, the design life of such a turbodiesel should be at least 300,000 km before overhaul. However, this is clearly not the limit.

In particular, a number of experts who tested the G21 series diesel engines believe that, with proper operation, they can easily roll up to 500,000 kilometers. Much depends on the frequency of maintenance and the quality of the consumables used, including diesel fuel and, of course, engine oil.

And in this sense, I am glad that domestic high-quality lubricants have already begun to appear on our market, including those with specifications focused on VAZ and GAZ units. So, for example, recently a new “semi-synthetics” of the 10W-40 A3 / B4 series from the German brand ReinWell went on sale, the production of which is completely localized in the Russian Federation.

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