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Why and why the Russian authorities declared war on private vehicles of citizens

“Green” energy, a carbon footprint, the rejection of cars with internal combustion engines in favor of “electric trains” – all these globalist things were important to our country when it actively tried to integrate into the Western system of division of labor, although somehow it was not expected there. But in that case, indeed, our exported products would begin to lose competitiveness. And now, when Russia’s priorities have changed to diametrically opposed ones, why continue to pull this bodyagu to the detriment of yourself?

Entertaining sociology

Maybe our drivers have fallen so in love with the idea of ​​electrifying vehicles that the government simply cannot and does not have the right to ignore their aspirations? Let’s get a look. Serious centers did not seem to have conducted sociological research on this topic over the past two years. And non-professional “sociologists” produce the most diverse results.

For example, a joint study of the carsharing service Citydrive and the analytical agency A2:Research with a ridiculous sample of 1,300 people demonstrates an incredible readiness of almost 80% of respondents to switch to electric vehicles. The SberAvto and Rambler&Co companies give a figure that is twice as modest – only about 42% of the Russians surveyed can refuse a car with an internal combustion engine, while 56% are categorically against it. And, finally, 36.3% of the 3,300 respondents who visited the website agree to buy an electric train, and a firm “No!” 42% said this idea.

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