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Why Argentines put a water bottle on the roof of a parked car


Motorists of all countries of the world have their own signs and beliefs: some are quite logical and explainable, while others are full of mysticism and beliefs, usually based on myths. However, some do not fall under any of the above options. For example, car owners in Argentina put a canister or a bottle on the roof of their cars. Why and what does this mean, says the AvtoVzglyad portal.

In Russia, there are a great many automobile superstitions: if you run into an animal, there will be an accident with a pedestrian; do not draw fire on the hood or on the doors – the car will burn; threw garbage out of the window – you will bring bad luck and fines; whistled in the cabin – traffic cops will stop. Went on a long road and burst a tire? Be especially careful, they warn from above that difficulties will arise. In short, the entire history of the existence of the internal combustion engine and its widespread use have given rise to their own culture and rituals, and in different countries of the world they can be very different.

For example, Americans who are northern hang a bag on their rearview mirror. What that means is clear to them. At the same time, for example, residents of Argentina put a bottle of water or another bright, but worthless object on the roof of a parked car. Why choose the cheapest possible, it is clear – so as not to be stolen. But why put at all? Maybe they scare away birds with glare or tell others that they have left the car for a short time and will soon leave, freeing up the parking lot? It turns out that everything is much simpler.


Argentine drivers thus make it clear that the car is for sale. They just draw the attention of those who are idly wandering to it in order to increase the audience of those who are interested. It would seem a strange thing: a long time ago and everywhere t / s are sold on the Internet. I took good photos, wrote an interesting and honest text – and wait for the client. However, as practice shows, a huge number of transactions are made thanks to old antiquated technologies.

Firstly, many drivers do not use the Internet: the elderly and even just adults still prefer to look with their eyes and only then make a decision. The second group are motorists who do not know what they want. They didn’t choose a model and brand, everyone is looking, they are looking visually. Well, the third option is those who do not want to travel far and watch cars. They choose from options that are sold near the house. Satisfied visually? We go to the nearest lift and if everything is fine, we sign the papers.

Despite all the achievements of the Internet, there are a lot of such people in all countries, so if you decide to sell a car, do not hesitate to put a “for sale” sticker on it – this way the probability of selling increases. It is not for nothing that the sellers of apartments regularly hang announcements of intent in every window!



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