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Why authorities equate electric scooters with drunk drivers

We have no doubt that the video, in which an electric scooter rushes along the sidewalk and knocks down a two-year-old kid walking there with his mother, pissed off and outraged hundreds of thousands of parents. Not surprisingly, this was followed by a public reaction from law enforcement officers and politicians. According to the same scheme as after the memorable accident on Minsk.

Thus, the head of the Investigative Committee has already called for the creation of zones in cities that are prohibited for the movement of electric scooters. The Federation Council proposed introducing thousands of fines for them for traffic violations and obliging them to issue OSAGO. State Duma deputies started talking about speed limits for a scooter depending on his length of service, as well as about referendums among citizens on the topic of bans on the use of scooters in settlements. In general, as they say, the process has begun.

And most likely, in the near future it will result in very specific legislative “persecution” of electric scooters and their fans. Simply because now we are only at the beginning of the “scooter” season. And at the same time, a lot of negativity has already accumulated in relation to the users of this transport.

And we still have at least four warm months ahead of us, during which they will probably have time to play tricks so that closer to autumn the police may well start rounding up electric scooters – as they used to do for drunk drivers.

And rightly so: if you yourself lack the brains not to interfere with other people’s peaceful lives, your gray matter will have to be filled with fear of punishment for such behavior.

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