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Why do dealers burn the car with a torch before selling it?

Whatever one may say, time takes its toll. Any thing becomes unusable. And plastic is no exception. Direct sunlight and low-quality chemicals are its main enemies. Over time, it fades and becomes covered with a white coating. Don’t forget about mechanical defects, for example, in the trunk – a large number of different scratches. It sometimes seems impossible to get rid of these consequences of exploitation. But don’t despair!

Cunning outbids know all the problems described above. And they do a great job with them. Including adding gloss to plastic. To do this, they use a regular gas burner. With its help, the plastic is heated, as a result of which it darkens and becomes glossy – almost like new. Not only the color is restored: it also helps to get rid of small scratches. But don’t rush to use this method on everything: there are a number of important nuances here.

First, it is important to heat the plastic correctly. To do this, you need to keep the burner at a distance of at least 10–15 centimeters from the surface and not “slow down” in one place for a long time. It’s better not to stop at all. Imagine that you have a can of spray paint in your hands. Secondly, not all plastic can be restored this way. For example, glossy, painted, textureless, you will only ruin it. Third, don’t do it in a car. It is better to remove the part you want to restore. This way you will avoid damage to the fabric or paintwork of the car.

And it’s best to first try this method on something you don’t mind. So to speak, to get better. And most importantly, never forget about safety precautions. Fire is not a toy.

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