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Why do rear windows on hatchbacks and station wagons explode so often?

The forums and topics of the World Wide Web, or rather the Russian part of it, are full of unexpected announcements: the rear window has burst. In three cases out of four, we are talking about hatchbacks and station wagons, but the owner did not notice a “specific” arrival, for example, from the oncoming lane. Although this can usually be heard even with loud music playing. What’s the problem? Glass that shatters in the blink of an eye can hardly be called anything other than “popados,” especially when this unpleasant event occurs in winter. And for some reason, judging by messages on social networks, it only happens in winter.

Initially, such a problem could be attributed to the metal of a used car, weakened by time. After all, it is on this, on the used one, that it bursts. We read the “proofs”: “Japanese”, “Germans”, “French”. Have everyone weakened at once? And it would be nice if the “Chinese” were on the lists, but it’s all “beau monde”: VW, Peugeot, Mitsubishi and even the divine Toyota! No, this is clearly not a matter of bodies.

Although, according to the logic of things, it is the violation of geometry due to old age, handicraft repairs and numerous consequences of accidents that should have caused the glass to burst. On the other hand, then not only the rear ones would burst, but also the front ones! And in the statements of those who got caught, it is exclusively the “fifth door”.

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