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Why do some drivers cut off battery terminals

A similar effect is sometimes observed in the case when the car’s electrical network has a “bad mass” – the negative wire from the battery does not have enough tight contact with the car body. Because of this, no matter how strange it may seem, sometimes the positive battery terminal melts. If he is still quite alive, then there is a direct reason to return him to service by restoring the damaged terminal.

But first, you will have to remove the old one – in order to get a flat, flat platform on which a new one will be created. Having cut off the spoiled lump of lead, we arm ourselves with a powerful soldering iron and cover the saw cut with a layer of tin solder. Next, we find a short metal tube as long as the future terminal or a little more. Its inner diameter must match the diameter of the restored lead “column”. We moisten it from the inside with water and sprinkle it with hygienic talc so that this powder covers the metal as densely as possible.

Now we take an old metal tin can and melt some lead in it – for example, using a portable gas burner. We attach (with the help of pliers) a tube with talc exactly to the tin-plated “hemp” and pour lead into it to the height of the old terminal. Let the metal harden and remove the tube. We needed talc so that it would not weld to the lead of the new terminal. Voila: the battery is restored.

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