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Why do some drivers stick a syringe in the car seat


Photo: Zen channel “Repeat AutoHack”

The ingenuity of our helmsmen seems to have no limits. Motorists with experience are especially distinguished. In an attempt to “pump” their vehicle, and at the same time save their hard-earned money, they offer completely non-obvious solutions. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells about one of these.

Previously, handy men were engaged in the fact that they injected pins or crosses of the cardan shaft. All these were routine procedures that did not surprise anyone. Now, more and more citizens have begun to carry ordinary medical syringes in the cabin or trunk. As practice has shown, they are very useful.

For example, with their help, you can pump out the brake fluid from the tank, if for some reason it was poured. In the same way, it is possible to drain the fuel from the tank. Recall that this procedure is called “suction”. Only in this case, the syringe itself should be quite large. The so-called JANET with a catheter tip will do. We put the syringe on the hose, pull the handle, then remove the syringe and the fuel flows. If you do it the old fashioned way, it’s easy to fill your mouth with gasoline.

And with the help of a syringe, you can make the so-called hidden flavor. To do this, you need to buy your favorite flavored oil in the store, and then draw it into a syringe. After that, we pierce the seat upholstery on the side with a needle several times and add the contents a little bit to the “saddle” polyurethane filler.

Photo: (DreamOn21)

The main thing is not to stick from above, otherwise traces of stains will remain on the clothes. In addition, heating filaments can be damaged. Then the “heater” will cease to function and a rather expensive repair will be required to replace these very threads.

As a result, the salon will smell of your favorite aroma for a long time. Yes, and the interior does not need to be spoiled by placing all kinds of Christmas trees on the front panel or installing a massive auto gadget, which now costs more than 2000 ₽. And if the driver likes the smell of vanilla, then such an aroma can be obtained for 10 rubles.

It is enough to pierce the package of vanillin with a needle from a syringe several times and put it under the chair. For example, under the carpet near the air duct. However, these methods also have a drawback. If the smell thoroughly saturates the chair, it will be extremely difficult to remove it. What can play a bad joke when selling a car. The atmosphere in the salon will not please a potential buyer and as a result you will have to make a decent discount.



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