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Why do you need to pay customs duty for some “beushki” with Russian numbers

There is one little trick that can turn this happy story into a drama in one moment. By signing the contract of sale, receiving the car and transferring money for it, the lucky person becomes its full owner. And at the same time – and all the problems associated with it. The seller does not have to be honest, sincere and talk about all the features. Let’s be frank, he is not obliged to tell anything at all: here is the product, here is the price. Like it – take it. If you don’t like it, bye.

But the price often clouds the mind: you inspect the car, and you already imagine yourself driving, you hear your own stories about luck and luck to your neighbors. And you don’t see that the numbers are Russian, but only the thirty-ninth region on them is Kaliningrad.

But the Kaliningrad region is not only an enclave, but also a special economic zone, which in 2006 received a preference from the state: Kaliningraders clear cars for personal use under special conditions. And in order to “register” such a car in “big Russia”, you have to pay customs duty. They learn about it, alas, usually in the traffic police when registering. And the deal turns from a profitable one to a failed one. Checkmate.

However, not all “Kaliningrad” cars bear the heavy burden of such restrictions: some immediately, even at the first entry into the region, are issued under the “full duty”. So when buying a car from the Amber Territory, in order to save time and nerves, you should immediately check the documents: it belongs to the category of goods of the SEZ (you will have to clear customs) or the EAEU (you won’t have to).

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