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Why does the smell of exhaust gases suddenly appear in the interior of a used car

Such a nuisance can appear even in a car with low mileage. At the same time, the stench is first in the trunk and only then penetrates into the cabin. And if you do not have a sedan, but a hatchback, then the aroma is noticeable immediately. At the same time, the muffler does not cut, the trunk floor is without through corrosion, and a nozzle is installed on the exhaust pipe, which removes gases astern.

It’s a matter of aerodynamics. At the rear of any vehicle, airflow turbulence occurs. And both at the bottom and at the top. That is, somewhere there is a “gap” through which the suction goes. It can be, say, a torn rubber seal, or worn-out gill valves under the bumper.

One of the functions of such devices is to ensure normal ventilation of the cabin, because the air must not only freely enter inside, after passing through the filter, but also go outside. He leaves through the “gills”, the design of which is designed so that they release air, but they do not let it in back. If the plastic of the “gills” is deformed, and the rubber is dry, gases, as well as dirt and dust, begin to penetrate inside.

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