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Why doesn’t the heater in a used car heat up?

The fact is that to clean or replace it, which is more logical, you will have to completely disassemble the dashboard and half of the interior. The part itself costs about two thousand, but the work costs up to 10,000 rubles. So “at the first call” you need to start saving. Otherwise, you will have to gut your stash later.

However, the lack of proper results from the stove’s operation is a fairly accurate signal that should not be missed. And exactly the same verdict: as soon as you replace the radik, the interior will be filled to the brim with Tashkent. No leaky door seals, sagging hinges or other “acquired” gaps can cope with the flow of heat. By the way, washing surrounding components, cleaning guides and terminals along the way is also useful. After all, the antifreeze was leaking somewhere, and this, as you know, leaves very unpleasant consequences.

A used car, especially if it was serviced according to the “one or two years and change it” strategy, is a capricious thing. It can instantly give away a whole storehouse of ailments, forcing its owner to either invest everything available, or succumb to the persuasion of credit dealers. However, as practice shows, repairs with the current refinancing rate are clearly cheaper. And if you know where to dig, it’s doubly so. Let’s fix it!

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