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Why experienced drivers carry a holey plastic bag with them

Roads, of course, are being built at a crazy pace, thousands of kilometers a year, but according to the good old habit, every spring the asphalt comes off with the snow. As a result, from hole to hole, as from cloud to cloud, a wider step. None of the most hardened fasteners will survive. And here is a Chinese raw material that a child can break with a plastic scoop. Go find a high-quality hairpin today in the market or in a store! Unless the original is for a bag of money, and even that one is a fake. Naturally, the thread “stretches”, the connection loosens, and it is common for a loose nut to leave its place. Well, if you saw it in time, you can pull it up.

But it often happens that there is nowhere to pull – it is necessary to change. Doesn’t hold at all. And the store, as luck would have it, is in the nearest village, 50 miles away, right on the map. And on the way – of course, further. This is where the old-fashioned method with the bag comes in handy: any piece of polyethylene, whether it be a piece of film or just a store “bag”, can replace the thread lock. And very productively and without consequences.

We wind the same “p / e bag” on the hairpin – we don’t overdo it, but we don’t save material either. Next, holding the plastic so that it does not slip out, we pull the nut with a wrench. By the way, the package is used precisely because of the corners – it’s easier to fix and prevent “descent from orbit”. Not God knows what a seal, but without fish and cancer – a fish. Such a solution will allow you to get to the service station, and then, calmly and without a grinder, disassemble the structure in order to replace worn parts with new ones.

You won’t take us so easily, the habit of fighting is in our blood!

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