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Why is it now dangerous to buy real Japanese used cars

The good old method of “doubles” has been actively started up again: they buy cheap spruce live, not subject to normal use, “right-handed”, but always registered. And, of course, with a full package of documents – expensive or cheap. Expensive ones are with empty columns of units, where it is indicated that the body and engine are numberless. Buy the same model – the probability of getting into a mess is low, and who among the employees understands the “Japanese”? Such papers are in fact an eternal pass, and a “not too picky” police officer will easily register it. The car in this case will be completely legal, and even with the name of the real owner in the documents.

A cheap way is to get numbers for a package of documents and hang them on a completely different car. This is easy to do: you just need to show the papers and pick up freshly printed strips from the courier. Insurance policy, power of attorney – let’s go. The scam has worked for many years and continues to work today. Moreover: many will choose this option, because it is much cheaper than the official one. But there is one important “but”.

It should be understood that in fact the car owner drives a car with false license plates, and such acts, according to part 4 of article 12.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, entail the deprivation of “rights” for a period of 6 to 12 months. And this is at best, because in general fraud with documents in our country is a criminal case. So if the proceedings go too far, the car owner may well end up behind bars. An extremely dubious prospect, you will agree.

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