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Why on many cars began to melt and ignite headlights

The third point is the natural craving of the Russian driver for improvements and improvements. So, in beautiful headlights from the Celestial Empire, which, moreover, are much cheaper than the original, they put high-power bulbs, apparently forgetting that the multiple amplification of the light beam is closely related to the corresponding increase in temperature in the “flask”, if, of course, we are not talking about diodes.

Let’s put a hot spring day on top, an engine compartment “warmed up” by an unwashed radiator, oncoming air currents and we will get the result: a tandem of several factors that coincided in time and space can really lead to a fire. Dangerous? No wonder, because the fuel rail, in which fuel is supplied to the “pots” under a pressure of three atmospheres, is close, and there are no guarantees against fuel leaks in a used car.

So, looking at an exhibition and sale of Chinese lamps on a languid evening, promising monstrous lighting even on a dank winter night, it is worth thinking about the consequences of such an improvement in your car. We will not be in vain about the standard spring attention of the traffic police to “improving sizing”. And in general, only one thing can be better than the original lantern with the same regular bulb – a new original lantern.

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