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Why Practical Drivers Drill Holes in Car Doors

It would seem, well, what kind of nonsense is drilling a door? Wildness, especially since there are enough holes already. But if you look, there is logic in this: the car “gate” is leaky, a lot of water and dirt gets into it through the “velvet” glass. Where does all this accumulate? That’s right, down in the cavity.

“At the factory” there should be drains, but no one has ever punched or cleaned them. Moreover: over the years of operation, they were overgrown with mud, painted over a couple of times, and then they were completely filled with Movil. And what is the result? The swamp squelches at the door. It stinks, the glass sweats, the body element rusts.

To avoid this, experienced car owners break through old or drill new gutters, designed to give way to all the “wealth” that has accumulated in the door over the years of service. According to the mind, of course, it would be necessary to remove it, disassemble it and rinse thoroughly under pressure. However, this is not an easy and quick operation: whoever put the car door back on at least once and set it up later will understand.

So it’s much faster and easier, and with the preservation of functionality, to drill new holes, and then carefully tint the edges, restoring the paint layer. The appearance will not deteriorate, it will not affect the aerodynamics, but the door, which also costs a lot now, will live much longer. Yes, and the windows in the car will sweat much less often.

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