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Why the Chinese model of turning a car into a gadget will soon destroy the global auto industry

True, the European auto industry still hopes for the relatively predictable development of humanity. Even in the long term. But the Chinese have long removed the rose-colored glasses of political correctness and are experimenting in the field of mobility with cynical ruthlessness, not disdaining anything. Which, it seems to me, is, in a sense, good, since the world of cars has long been in need of, if not a remake, then at least a revitalization. After all, design and technology cannot be made politically correct, since any tolerance in technology simply contradicts common sense.

The laws of physics don’t care about people. They work great without it. And trying to adjust the vehicle to momentary fluctuations of public consciousness is always flawed and even dangerous. After all, the speed of change in the latter greatly exceeds the speed of developing a new car. As a result, attempts to please lead to the creation of transport units that are hopelessly outdated already at the design stage. And not from the point of view of technology, but from the point of view of the concept of movement in space. Only those who can produce such a massive number of vehicles that they will dominate the world market can influence public consciousness.

And this is not Europe, not America, and not Japan and Korea. This is China, which has long become the world’s main automaker. And while European companies were racing to make statements that by 2025 they would completely switch to electric vehicles, China for some reason was diligently increasing its competence in the field of designing internal combustion engines. At the same time, announcing a total transition to electricity. For what?

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