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Will the traffic police register a car without nameplates on the body

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Emblems and nameplates on the body of the car not only emphasize its individuality, but also indicate that the vehicle belongs to a particular brand, as well as certain models, versions and even engines. Will there be any difficulties with registering a car with the traffic police if there are no such signs on it?

Recently, it has become fashionable to remove all kinds of identification marks from the body of a car. Many car owners remove them after applying a protective film to the paintwork. However, often these very nameplates fall off over time. But should they be installed before registering a vehicle with the traffic police?

According to the “List of malfunctions in which the operation of vehicles is prohibited”, it is not allowed to drive a car with changes made to its design. This wording is understood as “the exclusion of the components and items of equipment provided for or the installation of components and items of equipment not provided for by the design, made after its release into circulation and affecting road safety.” The key phrase here is “road safety”, which, as we know, emblems and plates have no effect.

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Let’s say more: in the UNECE Rules, the logos of certain machines are classified as decorative details. This means that they are not subject to the requirements of the regulations “concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to their external protrusions”. In other words, the document does not imply the presence of nameplates, although it regulates the conditions for their installation. However, we will not climb into the wilds, but we will inform you the main thing – Russian legislation does not prohibit the operation of cars without decorative emblems. Simply put, there will be no problems when registering a car with the traffic police.

Another thing is a nameplate with a unique vehicle identification number. The VIN-code must be in each car, which is prescribed in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. However, in the event of natural wear and tear, the plate will have to undergo an additional check at the traffic police, including an examination. Such actions are necessary to identify the car and conclude that it is not listed as stolen. After that, traffic cops will make a note in the documents that the VIN number has been lost, and only then such a car will be able to drive on public roads legally.



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