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Without anticorrosive and fender liner: how to really protect the car from rust

Relatively recently, another way to protect cars from corrosion has become widespread – zinc treatment. Let’s make a reservation right away that in this case we are not talking about anti-corrosion “mazyukalki” containing zinc particles in their composition. This refers to the coating of the bottom, wheel arches and the entire “belly” of the car with a layer of real zinc.

First, all surfaces intended for such treatment are thoroughly cleaned of dirt, rust and paint residues using a sandblaster. And then they are sprayed with a layer of zinc. A special device blows zinc dust out of its nozzle with air heated to 500-600ºС. Zinc melts at 420ºС. Therefore, its particles arrive on the metal of the body in liquid form and adhere well to it. This forms a reliable protective coating. Then it is primed and painted and the car gets virtually eternal protection against rust.

Note that such processing can be subjected not only to the “belly” of the car, but in general the entire body, including the internal cavities of its structural elements. Discs, trailers, cooling radiators are also galvanized – whatever you want.

The galvanizing procedure is more expensive than conventional anti-corrosion treatment. Galvanizing the bottom of a compact passenger car now costs at least 15,000 rubles, and for a large frame jeep, the price tag can double. But it’s worth it. I paid for galvanizing and forgot about rust forever.

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