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Without shame and conscience: why AvtoVAZ is offered to withdraw simplified LADA

Rossiyskaya Gazeta informs us about the initiative, referring to a letter signed by its president Anton Shaparin, sent to the manufacturer. AvtoVAZ is asked to retrofit cars with the missing systems in order to improve road safety.

Recall that last year the factory workers produced simplified versions of their “iron horses”. So, LADA Granta left the assembly line without airbags, without ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), without electronic stability control (ESC) and air conditioning. Later, the plant solved some of the problems. In September, Granta again received airbags, and in October Niva received air conditioning.

The US believes that understaffed vehicles pose a potential threat. Therefore, they propose to organize a large-scale recall in order to understaff all the machines. Will there be any benefit from this for a simple car enthusiast who already drives a “simplified” car? Let’s figure it out.

To put the driver’s airbag, you need to change the entire steering column. Plus, you need a control unit and shock sensors. The latter give a signal to trigger the squib. In richer trim levels, a different front panel is needed with a special tear zone for the passenger airbag. And the driver’s airbag is connected with ERA-GLONASS. This electronics will also need to be changed.

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